Residential New Construction

We plan every step of the project for you

Building a house from scratch is not an easy task. as you know. From renting machinery for earth moving and cleaning the land, purchasing all materials, coordinating the delivery process and stock, hiring workers, and managing the work until its final stage takes a lot of time and effort.

As a result of a well-planned journey, you will be sure to have executed work with total quality, transforming your construction into a state-of-the-art piece. These factors will be reflected in the guarantee of an excellent sales price for your final client, in addition to the satisfaction of an excellent and unique result.

Our years of experience in the construction and project management market for other contractors are what ensures these results. With our help, selecting our services, you are sure to be dealing with a traditional company in the new construction market, as well as remodeling projects.
Coastal Development Corp wants to work with you to ensure the total satisfaction of your clients, from the first drawings to the final move. .

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